3 LG Boards Assembly Audio Video input Switches Remote IR Input @ 42PC3DVA-UD TV

 7041912311274183100 3 LG Boards Assembly Audio Video input Switches Remote IR Input @ 42PC3DVA UD TV

llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 3 LG Boards Assembly Audio Video Input, Switch Strip Remote Receiver Infrared Input from LG 42PC3DVA-UD LCD TELEVISION in Perfect Working Order Check manufacturer for compatibility All the other boards from this TV will be made available for sale. (see serial # below) Please make sure both your board and TV model # match and that this is the part you need before buying. I cannot guarantee compatibility with other models. You cannot pretend buying this board and then just use it to troubleshoot your television. I will not accept returns following misdiagnosis of your TV troubles Welcome Please, read the description and examine the photographs carefully. I sell quality new or nearly new tested merchandise. Whether or not an article is new, I use the same care inspecting, detailling or restoring it, as I use preparing the listing you are reading now. My buyer's emails and feedbacks attest to the cleanliness of my items down to the smallest nook and cranny. Rarely, an item may be sold for parts or rebuild and would be clearly described as such.Please email me if you have any questions.I value every single buyer. All transactions, however small, get the same attention. SHIPPING I expect to hear from the buyer within 48 hours.Unless I use a flat rate, I do my best to charge as exact shipping as possible. I will round up to the next dollar or two to cover calculator errors, delivery confirmation, gas and sundries. Flat rate charges may be less or more than actual shipping costs.Delivery confirmation will be bought for Paypal items over $25.00; I will not refund lost or damaged uninsured shipments. Because shipping facilities may be as far as 40 miles (64 km), I only ship once a week usually from Vermont for US. buyers and from Canada for Canadians and I do combine shipping for savings whenever possible. The amount of care I take packing is also at par with the quality of my merchandise and the professionalism of my listings. -------------------------------------------------------------------------INTERNATIONAL Bidders from outside the United States need to email me as early as possible before bidding, about methods of payment and shipping rates. (PLEASE CONFIRM CALCULATOR RATES WITH ME) FEWER SELLERS ACCEPT TO SHIP OVERSEAS because of the amount of time it takes for the paperwork and knowledge of shipping options and laws. Also some international buyers do not email before bidding, yet will hold the seller responsible for lateness of delivery, or worse ask Paypal for a chargeback. I will provide you with the date, custom, tracking & insurance receipt numbers. Keep them handy (do not delete) as you may need to contact your local Post Office with this information in order to find out the date of delivery. About 6 to 8 weeks from the shipping date, if LOCAL INVESTIGATION concludes that your item has been lost or damaged, contact me then, I would file a claim with the US Postal Service and an investigation would be initiated by them. USPS WILL NOT INSURE SOME INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT METHODS AND DESTINATIONS, I cannot be held responsible if there should be losses or damage in such cases. I charge export papers fees for bidders outside North America. IF NEEDED, YOU MUST FIND A FRIEND FLUENT IN ENGLISH OR FRENCH. Fast and efficient communication is essential. BUYERS ARE INDIVIDUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THEIR LOCAL TAXES AND sorry, I DO NOT PROVIDE INACCURATE INVOICES. Thanks for reading me, bidding now means that you agree with the terms outlined above! Please see my other items! And you may add me to your favorites list! Please read these sample comments and POSITIVE FEEDBACKS Hi Leslie There are several things that struck me about this transaction.....incredibly well packed item, precise and prompt communication, mint-condition item and a positive overall experience. Incidentally, I checked the signal generator with a Hewlett Packard digital frequency counter. It is dead-on accurate, unusual for an antique analog generator. This has been a distinct pleasure. Dwight Arrived today-fantastic condition. 10/10. This seller highly recommended!!!!!! Received items as described.First class packaging. Excellent ebay seller. Thanks Finally a piece of exceptional test equipment. As described. Not surplus junk You are a #1 Ebayer + A BIG asset to ebay! Thanks so much! You are a model! Thank you for an item even better than described! A Pleasure To Deal With! Item was shipped quickly and was just as described, Honest dealer. Fast Shipper Good Business Person AAAAA+++++ Quality Product!!! Thank You! Thank you - mint, unused vintage tape recorder as described Equipment was delivered in great condition. Unit performs as advertised. A+++FANTASTIC WHAT A FIND THANKS EVERYTHING PERFECT GREAT EBAYER DISCLAIMER By buying this ITEM from the SELLER, the BUYER agrees that it will be used solely at the BUYER’S risk and that the BUYER will hold the SELLER and his employees, free from all loss, liability and damage resulting from claims brought by any alleged failure or defect of the ITEM or by regulatory agencies. WHO ARE WE? A TEAM OF ENGINEERS, TEACHERS AND OTHER PROFESSIONALS WHOM, FOR OVER 15 YEARS, HAVE MADE A HOBBY OF PRESERVING VINTAGE ELECTRONICS OF INTEREST WHILE IMPROVING THEIR PERFORMANCE WHEN PRACTICAL. COLLECTIVELY WE HAVE SPENT THOUSANDS OF HOURS DEVELOPING OUR CIRCUITS AND BUILDING OUR PROJECTS WITH PRIDE AND EXITEMENT. WE BELIEVE IN USING THE EQUIPMENT WE REBUILD AND UPGRADE, BECAUSE ITS MODERN COUNTERPART OFTEN, DO NOT MATCH THE QUALITY. 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