PNY 3-In-1 HDMI Cable and Adapter (C-H-A10-A12-3N1-P)
PNY 3-In-1 HDMI Cable and Adapter (C-H-A10-A12-3N1-P)

PNY 3-In-1 HDMI Cable and Adapter (C-H-A10-A12-3N1-P)


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Product Description

B00AV3XGAC 2 PNY 3 In 1 HDMI Cable and Adapter (C H A10 A12 3N1 P)
PNY 3-in-1 HDMI
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B00AV3XGAC 1 PNY 3 In 1 HDMI Cable and Adapter (C H A10 A12 3N1 P)
What You Can Do With A Tablet/Smartphone & PNY Active High Speed HDMI Cables

PNY's Active High Speed HDMI Cables enable 1080p HD video and sound, all in an innovative, ultra-thin, and flexible design. Take your handheld device’s content and view it in HD on your HDTV or monitor. These sleek and portable cables allow super easy and convenient access to presentations, documents, images, and more. At a mere 3.5mm in diameter they are more pliable for ease of use and compact enough to transport in your jacket pocket or handbag. It is available in a convenient 12ft length, so you can use your portable devices with ease like a remote control to view pictures and videos from the comfort of your couch. PNY's Active High Speed cables are superior to passive cables because of a built-in chip that guarantees 10.2Gbps speed and prevents signal loss. PNY’s Active High Speed 3-in-1 cables are the ultimate accessories for your tablet and smartphone.

Easily Connect And View Your World In High Definition With PNY

Why Do You Need Active HDMI Cables?

Smartphone and Tablet users are able to enjoy/share/mirror their media content quickly, easily, and comfortably to a large flat panel TV using a long, thin, flexible cable. Compared with passive cables, active cables allow for easy roll-up portability with your device.

The CHIP Provides The Following:

  • Thinness – features an ultra-thin cable – no one wants a bulky & heavy cable
  • Longer Lengths – the ultra thin design reaches 16' in length, offering consumers the luxury of sitting comfortably on the couch and controlling their device
  • Portability – extremely flexible/pliable to spool up and take on the go, so that anywhere your Smartphone or Tablets goes, your cable goes too
  • High Speed – enables 10.2Gbps and certification at the highest HDMI standard at longer lengths
B00AV3XGAC 3 PNY 3 In 1 HDMI Cable and Adapter (C H A10 A12 3N1 P)
Universal adapter lets you connect all of your mobile devices.

Ideal for:

  • HD video/photo playback
  • Streaming media
  • Viewing documents
  • Sharing content with friends & family
HDMI Cables – Active vs. Passive
B00AV3XGAC 4 PNY 3 In 1 HDMI Cable and Adapter (C H A10 A12 3N1 P)
Active chip technology guarantees 10.2Gbps speed in 1080p resolution via an ultra-thin cable at long lengths.

Active Cables

  • Thin: 3.5mm
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Built with high grade materials
  • Chip allows for 0-bit loss, providing superior signal
  • Tested for functionality and speed with guaranteed 10.2Gbps
  • Considerably less torque/strain placed on the connectors
B00AV3XGAC 5 PNY 3 In 1 HDMI Cable and Adapter (C H A10 A12 3N1 P)
Active cables are 70% thinner than passive cables.

Passive Cables

  • Thick - 12.7mm
  • Rigid
  • Heavy
  • Typically built with low cost materials
  • Will have some bit loss, and degradation of signal
  • Tested primarily for functionality, NOT speed
  • Much more torque/strain placed on the connectors, which can damage them


  • 70% thinner than standard cables
  • Ultra Thin & Flexible
  • Built-in chip delivers Active signal control

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