NEW GENUINE SAMSUNG REPLACEMENT REMOTE CONTROL TV BN59-00752A 520DXN FREE SHIP This is a BRAND NEW original Samsung LCD HDTV Remote Control model BN59-00752A that was acquired in a multiple identical TV purchase and has never been used. It works with various Samsung models and will replace your lost remote or provide you with an extra remote. This remote control was supplied with the following Samsung models : 320MP, 320MP2, 320MP2/ZA, 320MX, 320MX2, 320MXN, 320MXN2/ZA, 320TSN, 400CX 400CXN, 400FP, 400FPN, 400FX, 400FXN, 400MP, 400MPN, 400MX, 400MXN, 400TSN, 460CX, 460CXN, 460DR, 460DRN, 460FP, 460FPN, 460IC, 460MP, 460MPN, 460MX, 460MXN. 460TSN, 460UT, 460UTN, 520DX, 520DXN, LH32MGPLBC/ZA, LH32MGPLBT/ZA LH3232MGTLBC/ZA, LH40MGFLBC/ZA, LH40MGPLBC/ZA, LH40MGPLBF/ZA LH40MGPLGA/ZA, LH40MGTLBC/ZA, LH40MGTLBC/ZX, LH40MGTLBF/ZA LH40MGTLGA/ZA, LH40MGZLBC/ZA, LH40TCTMBC/ZA, LH46MGPLBC/ZA LH46MGPLBF/ZA, LH46MGPLGA/ZA, LH46MGPLBC/ZA, LH46MGTLBF/ZA LH46MGTLGA/ZA, LH52BPPLBC, LH52BPTLBC, M520, P42H, P42HN, P42HP P50F, P50FN, P50FP, P50H, P63F, P63FP, P63FN, PH42KLPLBC/SM, PH42KLPLBC/XY, PH42KLPLBC/ZA, PH42KLPLBC/ZA, PH50KLFLLB/ZA, PH50KLPLBC/SM, PH50KLPLBC/XY, PH50KLPLBC/ZA, PH50KLPLBF/ZA, PH50KLTLBC/ZA, PH63KLFLBC/SM, PH63KLFLBC/ZA,PH63KLFLBF/ZA SMT9566. Instructions to program the Samsung TV remote Things You'll need : . Paper clip or other fine-pointed object 1- turn off the TV you program the remote for, The TV needs to be turned off for the syncing process to be completed. Even though it's turned off, the TV still catches the signal from the remote control. 2- Press down on the TV button on the remote. Pressing the TV button tells the remote that it is pairing with a TV so that the remote gives out the appropriate signal during the syncing process. 3- Use a paper clip, tooth pick, or any other item with a thin tip to press down on the tiny indented " Set" button at the bottom of the remote control. 4- Used the link in the resource section to find the code for your TV. Type in the 3 digit code on the number pad of the remote. If the first code doesn't take, continue down the code list until you find a code that works. 5- Press the " Power" button on the remote. If the TV turn on, it means the code worked, but if the TV does not turn on, repeat steps 2 through 5 unit the TV turns on from the remote. Thank you for viewing my auction Payment Must Be Received Within 7 Days Of Auction Close. Feel free to e-mail any questions you may have. Please view my other auctions! I will combine shipping charges whenever possible Good luck on your bidding! Items will be carefully packed and shipped. Shipping will be free to the USA only Buyer can also feel free to pick the item up at my home in Oak Creek, Wisconsin (Milwaukee Suburb).I will combine shipping charges whenever possible. If the high bidder chooses to insure, that is available and that price depends on the final auction price.Please e-mail us with shipping questions or concerns prior to bidding.For foreign bidders, it is against the law to falsify customs documents. Please do not ask us to do so. We need to mark the customs form with the item sold and amount paid for the item at auction end Analyzing "Smart Counters" only at inkFrog inkfrog terapeak i000000 Analyzing "Smart Counters" only at inkFrog inkFrog Analytics

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