7024293212865999280 ORIGINAL SAMSUNG 00251B TV VCR COMPONENT REMOTE CONTROL AA5900251B AA59 00251B

Genuine OEM Samsung Remote Control Controller Model: 00251B Used ORIGINAL SAMSUNG 00251B TV VCR COMPONENT REMOTE CONTROL P/N: AA5900251B AA59-00251B This remote was originally supplied with models: 7XN3075WHF, TXM2796HF, TXN3234, TXN3245, TXM2797HF, TXM3096WHF, TXM3097WHF, TXM3281HF, TXM3296HF, TXM3297HF, TXN2670, TXN2670WHF, TXN2670WHFXX, TXN2670WHFXXAA, TXN2670WHFXXAC, TXN2745FP, TXN2771HF, TXN2771HFX, TXN2771HFX/XA, TXN2771HFX/XAA, TXN2771HFX/XAC, TXN2774HF, TXN2775HF, TXN2775HFS/XAA, TXN2775HFX, TXN2775HFX/XAA, TXN2775HR, TXN277SHF, TXN3071WHF, TXN3071WHFX, TXN3071WHFXX, TXN3071WHFXXA, TXN3071WHFXXAA, TXN3071WHFXXAC, TXN3075, TXN3075W, TXN3075WF, TXN3075WH, TXN3075WHE, TXN3075WHF, TXN3075WHFSXAA, TXN3075WHFX, TXN3075WHFXXAA, TXN3075WHH, TXN307SWHF, TXN3245F, TXN3245FP, TXN3271HF, TXN3271HFX, TXN3271HFX/XA, TXN3271HFX/XAA, TXN3271HFX/XAC, TXN3274HF, TXN3275HF, TXN3275HFS/XAA, TXN3275HFX, TXN3275HFX/XAA, TXN327SHF, TXN3725HF, TXW3275HF, TXN2771, TXN2775, TXN2798, TXN3071, TXN3098, TXN3271, TXN3275, TXN3298, TXM2796, TXM3097, TXM3098, TXM3297, TXM2797, TXM2798, TXM3296, TXM3298, TXN2668, TXN2745 This remote should be compatible with models: 00251B, AA5900251B, TSN3245FP, TXM2796, TXM2796HF, TXM2796HFX/XAA, TXM2796HFX/XAC, TXM2797, TXM2797HFX, TXM2797HFX/XAA, TXM2798, TXM3096, TXM3096HFX, TXM3096WHF, TXM3096WHFX, TXM3096WHFXXAA, TXM3096WHFXXAC, TXM3096WHS, TXM3097, TXM3097WHF, TXM3097WHFXX, TXM3097WHFXXAA, TXM3098, TXM3281, TXM3281HFX/XAA, TXM3296, TXM3296HFX, TXM3296HFX/XAA, TXM3297, TXM3297HFX, TXM3297HFX/XAA, TXM3298, TXN2668, TXN2670, TXN2715FP, TXN2745, TXN2745FP, TXN2745FPX, TXN2745FPX/XAA, TXN2745P, TXN2771, TXN2775, TXN2796HF, TXN2798, TXN3071, TXN3071WHF, TXN3075, TXN3098, TXN3234, TXN3245, TXN3245FP, TXN3245FPX, TXN3245FPX/XAA, TXN3245HF, TXN3271, TXN3275, TXN3298 Condition: Good Few Scratches and Set Up Instruction Sticker Peeling Tested Works Clean Package: Will contain Samsung 00251B Remote Only – Requires 2AA Batteries Not Included Payment: Paypal Shipping to the United States Only. Shipping: $FREE International Order: Buyers are responsible for the duties and taxes due
 7024293212865999281 ORIGINAL SAMSUNG 00251B TV VCR COMPONENT REMOTE CONTROL AA5900251B AA59 00251B

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