Samsung LCD TV Remote Control AK59-00104K

 7023391910184173940 Samsung LCD TV Remote Control AK59 00104K

You are bidding on a like new Samsung LCD TV Remote Control AK59-00104K (see picture). Works with the following Samsung LCD TV models: AK5900104K BD-P1580/EDC BD-P1580/XEC BD-P1580/XEE BD-P1580/XEF BD-P1580/XEU BD-P1580 BD-P1590/XAA BD-P1590/XAC BDP-1590 BD-P1590C/XAA BD-P1590C BD-P1590M BD-P1595/XEG BD-P1595 BD-P1595A/XEG BD-P1595A BD-P1600/ADL BD-P1600/EDC BD-P1600/HAC BD-P1600/MEA BD-P1600/NWT BD-P1600/SAH BD-P1600/STR BD-P1600/TSE BD-P1600/XAA BD-P1600/XAA BD-P1600/XAC BD-P1600/XAO BD-P1600/XAP BD-P1600/XAX BD-P1600/XAZ BD-P1600/XBG BD-P1600/XEC BD-P1600/XEE BD-P1600/XEF BD-P1600/XER BD-P1600/XEU BD-P1600/XFA BD-P1600/XME BD-P1600/XSA BD-P1600/XSE BD-P1600/XSS BD-P1600/XSV BD-P1600/XTC BDP-1600 BD-P1600A/ADL BD-P1600A/AFS BD-P1600A/EDC BD-P1600A/HAC BD-P1600A/MEA BD-P1600A/NWT BD-P1600A/SAM BD-P1600A/STR BD-P1600A/TSE BD-P1600A/UMG BD-P1600A/XAA BD-P1600A/XAC BD-P1600A/XAO BD-P1600A/XAP BD-P1600A/XAX BD-P1600A/XAZ BD-P1600A/XBG BD-P1600A/XCH BD-P1600A/XEC BD-P1600A/XEE BD-P1600A/XEF BD-P1600A/XER BD-P1600A/XEU BD-P1600A/XFA BD-P1600A/XME BD-P1600A/XSA BD-P1600A/XSE BD-P1600A/XSS BD-P1600A/XTL BD-P1600A BD-P1600APXER BD-P1600M BDP1600XAC BDP1602 BD-P1620/XEE BD-P1620/XEU BD-P1620 BD-P1620A/EDC BD-P1620A/XEE BD-P1620A/XEF BD-P1620A/XEU BD-P1620A BD-P1650/XEF BD-P1650/XEU BD-P1650 BD-P1650A/XEE BD-P1650A/XEF BD-P1650A/XEU BD-P1650A BD-P3600/EDC BD-P3600/TSE BD-P3600/XAA BD-P3600/XAC BD-P3600/XAZ BD-P3600/XEC BD-P3600/XEE BD-P3600/XEF BD-P3600/XEU BD-P3600/XME BD-P3600/XSA BD-P3600/XSS BDP3600 BD-P3600A/XAA BD-P3600A/XAC BD-P3600A BDP3600XAC HLS5086W HLS5088W HLS5686W HLS5688W HLS6186W HLS6188W HLS7178W HLT5656W HLT6156W HLT6756W I accept PayPal. Payment must be confirmed before shipping, and contact must be made within 2 days of auction closing and payment made within 3 days, cost of shipping is $10.00 to United States and to Canada. NO PICKUP. PLEASE DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU INTEND TO PAY . Sale is final, no exchanges, and no refunds.