NEW Sony Bravia LCD LED TV BluRay Remote Control RM-YD043 KDL-46NX807 40NX705

 7041222910484073110 NEW Sony Bravia LCD LED TV BluRay Remote Control RM YD043 KDL 46NX807 40NX705

critterkeeper Store Description This is an original Sony LCD LED TV remote control model RM-YD043. A partial list of compatible models can be found below but this remote will also operate all the newer Sony TVs and Sony Bluray players. This is a Brand New remote control in original package. As with all my items, this remote comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, is eligible for shipping discounts when combined with other items, and is shipped the next business day after payment is received! Unlike alot of other sellers, I believe in leaving feedback for my customers after payment is cleared rather than waiting until after they leave me feedback! This remote control was originally supplied with the following models (also works most features on ALL newer Sony TVs): SONY - YD043 KDL-40NX705 KDL-46NX705 KDL-46NX807 KDL-52NX807 SONY - YD033 KDL-22EX308 KDL-32EX308 KDL-32EX700 KDL-32EX710 KDL-40EX700 KDL-40EX703 KDL-40EX710 KDL-40HX701 KDL-46EX700 KDL-46EX703 KDL-46EX710 KDL-46EX711 KDL-46HX701 KDL-52EX700 KDL-52EX701 KDL-52EX703 KDL-55EX710 KDL-55EX711 KDL-55HX701 KDL-60EX700 KDL-60EX701 KDL-60EX703 SONY - YD037 KDL-40NX700 KDL-46NX700 KDL-46NX800 KDL-52NX800 KDL-60NX800 KDL-60NX801