New Sony TV Replacement Remote for RM-YD023 KDL32VL140, KDL32XBR6, KDL37XBR6, KD

 7042941212458435830 New Sony TV Replacement Remote for RM YD023 KDL32VL140, KDL32XBR6, KDL37XBR6, KD

SquareTrade © AP6.0 We ship to American soldiers. WELCOME TO INTERNET RESALE STORE Buy with Confidence ! Money back Guarantee! Free 30-day warranty on faceplate's and remote's Check our positive feedback. . AUCTION DESCRIPTION - Please read entire auction description before making bid. Please contact US if you have any questions regarding this auction. ALL TEXT AND PHOTOS PROTECTED BY EBAY POLICY LISTING COPYING-VIOLATERS WILL BE REPORTED TO EBAY You are Buying a New Replacement Remote for Sony RM-YD023 THIS IS A QUALITY GENERIC REMOTE AND HAVE SOLD 100,S WITH POSITIVE FEEDBACK !!!PLEASE LOOK AT PHOTO TO MAKE SURE ALL FUNCTIONS YOU USE OR MAY NEED ARE ON THE REMOTE!!!! Originally supplied with models:RM-YD023KDFE60A20, KDFE60A20PKG, KDL-19L4000, KDL19M4000, KDL19M4000/B, KDL19M4000/D, KDL19M4000/G, KDL19M4000/L, KDL19M4000/P, KDL19M4000/S, KDL19M4000B, KDL22BX300, KDL22BX320, KDL22EX308, KDL22L4000, KDL22L5000, KDL-22P5500, KDL-22S55, KDL-22S5500, KDL23S2000, KDL23S2010, KDL-26L4000, KDL26L5000, KDL26M3000, KDL26M4000, KDL26ML130, KDL26N4000, KDL26NL140, KDL-26P5500, KDL-26P5550, KDL26S2000, KDL26S2010, KDL26S2020, KDL26S3000, KDL-26S55, KDL-26S5500, KDL-26S5550, KDL28M3000, KDL32BX300, KDL32BX310, KDL32BX320, KDL32BX330, KDL32BX420, KDL32BX421, KDL32EX301, KDL32EX308, KDL32EX400, KDL32EX40B, KDL32EX500, KDL-32EX520, KDL-32EX521, KDL-32EX523, KDL-32EX600, KDL32EX700, KDL32EX710, KDL32EX720, KDL32EX729, KDL32FA400, KDL32FA500, KDL32FA600, KDL32L4000, KDL32L5000, KDL32L504, KDL32LL150, KDL32M3000, KDL32M4000, KDL32ML130, KDL32N4000, KDL32NL140, KDL-32P35, KDL-32P3500, KDL-32P3550, KDL-32P3600, KDL-32P5500, KDL-32P5550, KDL-32P5600, KDL-32P5650, KDL32S2000, KDL32S2010, KDL32S2020, KDL32S2030, KDL32S20L, KDL32S20L1, KDL32S2400, KDL32S3000, KDL32S5100, KDL-32S55, KDL-32S5500, KDL-32S5550, KDL-32S5600, KDL-32S5650, KDL32SL130, KDL32V2000, KDL-32V2500, KDL-32V55, KDL32VL140, KDL-32VL140, KDL32XBR4, KDL32XBR6, KDL-32XBR6, KDL32XBR9, KDL37L4000, KDL37L5000, KDL37M3000, KDL37M4000, KDL37N4000, KDL37NL140, KDL-37P3600, KDL-37P5500, KDL-37P5600, KDL-37P5650, KDL-37S5500, KDL-37S5600, KDL-37S5650, KDL37XBR6, KDL-37XBR6, KDL40BX420, KDL40BX421, KDL40D3000, KDL40EX400, KDL40EX401, KDL-40EX40B, KDL40EX500, KDL40EX501, KDL-40EX520, KDL-40EX521, KDL-40EX523, KDL40EX600, KDL-40EX620, KDL-40EX621, KDL40EX700, KDL40EX710, KDL40EX720, KDL40EX723, KDL40EX729, KDL40HX701, KDL40HX800, KDL40M4000, KDL40NX700, KDL40NX710, KDL40NX711, KDL40NX715, KDL-40P3600, KDL-40P5500, KDL-40P5600, KDL40S2000, KDL40S2010, KDL40S2030, KDL40S20L, KDL40S20L1, KDL40S2400, KDL40S3000, KDL40S4100, KDL40S504, KDL40S5100, KDL-40S5500, KDL40SL130, KDL40SL140, KDL40SL150, KDL40V2500, KDL40V3000, KDL40V4100, KDL-40V4100, KDL40V4150, KDL-40V4150, KDL40V5100, KDL40VE5, KDL40VL130, KDL40VL160, KDL40W3000, KDL40W4100, KDL-40W4100, KDL40W5100, KDL40WL135, KDL40WL140, KDL40XBR2, KDL40XBR3, KDL40XBR4, KDL40XBR5, KDL40XBR6, KDL-40XBR7, KDL40XBR9, KDL40Z4100, KDL40Z4100/B, KDL40Z4100/S, KDL40Z4100B, KDL40Z4100S, KDL40Z4110, KDL40Z5100, KDL42V4100, KDL-42V4100, KDL46BX420, KDL46BX421, KDL46EX400, KDL46EX401, KDL46EX500, KDL46EX501, KDL-46EX520, KDL-46EX521, KDL-46EX523, KDL46EX600, KDL-46EX620, KDL-46EX621, KDL46EX700, KDL46EX701, KDL46EX710, KDL46EX711, KDL46EX720, KDL46EX723, KDL46EX729, KDL46HX701, KDL46HX729, KDL-46HX800, KDL46NX700, KDL46NX705, KDL46NX710, KDL46NX711, KDL46NX715, KDL46NX800, KDL46NX810, kdl46s2000, KDL46S2010, KDL46S3000, KDL46S4100, KDL46S504, KDL46S5100, KDL46SL140, KDL46V2500, KDL46V25L1, KDL46V3000, KDL46V4100, KDL-46V4100, KDL46V5100, KDL46VE5, KDL46VL130, KDL46VL150, KDL46VL160, KDL46W3000, KDL46W4100, KDL-46W4100, KDL46W4150, KDL-46W4150, KDL46W5100, KDL46W5150, KDL46WL135, KDL46WL140, KDL-46WL140, KDL46X4500, KDL46XBR, KDL46XBR10, KDL46XBR2, KDL46XBR3, KDL46XBR4, KDL46XBR5, KDL46XBR6, KDL46XBR8, kdl46xbr9, KDL46Z4100, KDL46Z4100/B, KDL46Z4100/S, KDL46Z4100B, KDL46Z4100S, KDL46Z4110, kdl46z5100, kdl46z5104, KDL52EX700, KDL52EX701, KDL52NX800, KDL52S4100, KDL52S5100, KDL52V4100, KDL-52V4100, KDL52V5100, KDL52VE5, KDL52VL150, KDL52W3000, KDL52W4100, KDL-52W4100, KDL52W5100, KDL52W5150, KDL52WL130, KDL52WL135, KDL52WL140, KDL-52WL140, KDL52XBR, KDL52XBR10, KDL52XBR2, KDL52XBR3, KDL52XBR4, KDL52XBR5, KDL52XBR6, KDL52XBR7, KDL52XBR9, KDL52Z5100, KDL55BX520, KDL55EX500, KDL55EX501, KDL55EX505, KDL-55EX620, KDL-55EX621, KDL55EX710, KDL55EX711, KDL55EX720, KDL-55EX720, KDL55EX723, KDL55HX701, KDL55HX729, KDL55HX800, KDL55HX929, KDL55NX810, KDL55NX811, KDL55V5100, KDL55X4500, KDL55XBR8, KDL60EX500, KDL60EX700, KDL60EX701, KDL60EX720, KDL60NX800, KDL60NX801, KDL60NX810, KDL65HX729, KDL65W5100, KDL70XBR3, KDL70XBR7, KDLV26XBR1, KDLV32X, KDLV32XBR1, KDLV32XBR2, KDLV40XBR1, KDLXBR40HX800, KDLXBR46HX800, KDS50A2000, KDS50A2020, KDS-50A3000, KDS55A2000, KDS55A2020, KDS-55A3000, KDS60A2000, KDS60A2020, KDS-60A3000, KDS70R2000, KDSR60XBR1, KDSR60XBR2, KDSR70XBR2, KDSZ60XBR5, KDSZ70XBR5, KDVL32XBR1, KF42E200A, Model: RRYD023 Sony Part Number: RRYD023 UPC: 895612001640 Associated Number: TV-ONLY Catalogue No.: 75842 This remote control controls units: HDTV PAYMENT POLICY Payments must be received within 5 days of auction close. After 7 days we have to file a non-paying bidder form to get our fees back. SHIPPING POLICY INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING POLICY Orders are usually processed and shipped within 24 hours via USPS w/Delivery Confirmation for USA Only. We ship to American soldiers All items are professionally packaged and shipped within 1 business day Standard shipping is $3.79 first class mail 3-10 days in USA Priority Mail shipping is $6.99 USA only 2-3 days. All shipping charges include handling fees. Insurance is included for all shipping prices. We do ship internationally Via standard air-mail Shipping rates are $8.99 for Canada and $11.99 other countries outside USA Due to customs delays Deliveries outside USA can take up to 4-Weeks so keep this in mind when leaving feedback, because we ship all orders within 24-hours 6-days a week. We offer discounts for combined auctions. Only $1.00 extra shipping for second remote or faceplate. RETURN REFUND POLICY All Remotes & Faceplates are Guaranteed to work 100% or money back. No switching faceplates or remotes. If Returned they must still have our inventory numbers on them for Refunds. Must be returned with in 30-days From delivery date. Buyer responsible for all shipping cost unless remote or faceplate is defective. Be sure to add me to your favorites list! Check out my© AP6. AP On Dec-18-06 at 19:00:53 PST, seller added the following information: Up to 3 years added protection SquareTrade © squaretrade warranty v2.0 On May-02-08 at 08:11:54 PDT, seller added the following information: Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. On May-04-10 at 17:40:56 PDT, seller added the following information: Sellers: Get your own map of past buyers. Fast. Simple.
 7042941212458435831 New Sony TV Replacement Remote for RM YD023 KDL32VL140, KDL32XBR6, KDL37XBR6, KD