Sony RM-Y1109 Remote Control for TV Tested Works READ DESCRIPTION

 7017653212858698880 Sony RM Y1109 Remote Control for TV Tested Works READ DESCRIPTION

Hi there everyone and welcome! Up for sale today is a Sony RM-Y1109 remote control. The remote is fully tested works great. The buttons have no fading on them, there is no rips or tears in any of the buttons either. The remote does have some slight scuffs and scratches but otherwise is in fine working order. The only real flaw is that the original battery cover is missing.Before Ordering From The Hoardo!Before you send an order for a remote, please check the compatibility of your remote. There are many remote controls with similar model numbers, but they will not always provide you with all the functionality. Please consult your instruction manual or check for programmable remotes. Programmable remotes may be set for different functions then noted on the remote. The Hoardo Guarantee to you, the buyer!All remotes listed for sale are cleaned, tested, and checked over for any damage by me personally. All remotes that I sell are used OEM remotes, no generics, no bootlegs, or counterfeits. More important than that, however, is that none of my remotes are shipped from outside of the US. All remotes listed are in my possession, and ready for immediate shipping to you, the all important consumer. Any remotes that smell like smoke, have physical damage, or missing battery covers are noted in the description, and oftentimes marked down because of it.Because the bulk of the remotes that I have for sale are used, please be aware that these remotes may have scratches or scuffs on them. Most of the time it is minor to moderate wear, but if there is anything more severe than that, I will always note it in the listing. If you have any questions about any of my remotes, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via ebay’s ask a seller a question feature. I respond within twenty four hours in most cases.Why Buy From El Hoardo, That Man Among Men?There are many reasons to buy from El Hoardo, that man among men! Here are some of the reasons to purchase from me.1. Free Batteries With Every ListingNot only do I offer the best prices on ebay for my remotes, but I also offer free batteries for all of my remotes. That’s right! With every remote auction that I offer, I offer a set of batteries completely free! That means no inconvenient trip to the stores, no wasting time fumbling around for batteries. I offer everything you need to get up and running immediately. This offer is only available for the USA shipments.2. Free Shipping!The Hoardo loves free shipping. For anyone that shops online, free shipping is the cornerstone of cost. My free shipping to the US includes free First Class mail on all of my remote listings. Other sellers may charge you up to six dollars to ship your remote. Not me! I give free first class shipping to every buyer in the US. That also includes Hawaii andAlaska, along with all PO Boxes and APO addresses!3. I accept Best Offers!One of the cornerstones of business is a fair price, not only a fair price, but an affordable price. Do you think my prices are too high? I understand the urge to save a few bucks here and there, so why not send me an offer? I am glad to work with my fellow customers on a price that is fair for both of us. If you send me an offer that isn’t too unreasonable, I will accept it! However, if you wish to purchase more than one remote control through best offer, extra shipping charges will apply due to the increase in shipping cost.Now for that important business stuff that we all have to see.PaymentsPayments are due immediately after purchase of remote through Paypal. For all best offers, I understand for circumstances that are out of your hands. If it will take you longer than three days to pay for your remote, please contact me ahead of time so we can work something out.ShippingShipping for all of the United States is free. I ship through first class mail and all packages should reach you in about a week after I ship items out. Though keep this in mind, I am a student and I do attend college currently so I am unable to ship every day. I attempt to ship at least once every two days, but to ensure that I have sufficient time to ship. I put three days handling time. Though most of the time, you should have your remote in ten days after purchase.International ShippingTo international buyers, I also ship internationally too! I ship to most countries around the world using First Class International for any remote under twenty dollars. Any remote above twenty dollars will automatically be charged a twelve dollar Registered Mail fee. This fee provides the best insurance and tracking through all countries. Please be aware that Customs can hold a package for up to sixty days, and a claim for missing packages can NOT be processed until sixty days have passed. Keep this in mind when making a purchase internationally. I do not control the postal service so it may take a while for a package to be received.Return PolicyI offer a very generous thirty day return policy for all of my remotes in the rare chance it arrives Dead on Arrival or DOA. Even though I do everything in my power to ensure that the remote is working 100% before it leaves my hands and properly package it, every once in a while a remote gets damaged during transit. If this does happen, please contact me within three days of delivery. If you believe that this was the fault of the Post Office, please be prepared to file an insurance claim on any remote above twenty dollars.QuestionsHave any questions? Please feel free to answer any and all questions you may have. The Hoardo does not bite! I answer all questions within forty eight hours, though most of the time I answer questions within only a few hours! I answer all questions to the best of my ability. I do not know all compatibility for every remote, however, and I will use the power of the all mighty GOOGLES to glean that knowledge.FeedbackAs a seller, I strive to provide excellent service that is worthy of five stars. If you are satisfied with your purchase, please leave me five star feedback on everything. If you wish to continue to see small sellers like me bring you hard to come by remotes and incredibly amusing niche stuff, please leave those five star ratings. If something is wrong with your purchase, do not post any feedback until you have contacted me about the problem first. I personally answer every message, and yes, you will talk to an actual human being rather than an automated program. The Hoardo is listening!
 7017653212858698881 Sony RM Y1109 Remote Control for TV Tested Works READ DESCRIPTION