SONY RM-Y168 Original OEM TV Remote Control KV36FS12 KV36FS10 KV27FS16 KV-32S42

 7030511411534878860 SONY RM Y168 Original OEM TV Remote Control KV36FS12 KV36FS10 KV27FS16 KV 32S42

SONY RM-Y168 Original OEM TV Remote Control Excellent condition, looks and functions like new. Maker: Sony Model: RM-Y168 This remote is originally supplied and guaranteed to work with: KV-20FV10 - 20" FLAT TV KV-20FV12 - 20" WEGA KV-24FV10 - 24" FLAT TV KV-24FV12 - 24" FLAT TV KV-27FS12 - 27" FLAT TV KV-27FS16 - 27" Trinitron® Color TV KV-32FS10 - 32" FLAT TV KV-32FS12 - 32" FLAT TV KV-32S42 - 32" TELEVISION KV-32V42 - 32" CTV KV-35S42 - 35" TELEVISION KV-35V42 - 35" TELEVISION KV-36FS10 - 36" FLAT SCREEN KV-36FS12 - 36" FLAT SCREEN This remote will also work with all of the models below: 141838411, CCDTRV52, KV32V65, KV35542, KV35S40, KV35S42, KV35S45, KV35S65, KV35S66, KV35V42, KV35V65, KV365S16, KV36F10, KV36FS10, KV36FS12, KV36FS16, KV36FV10, KV36FV15, KV36FV16, KV36FV26, KVB32S42, KX36XBR200, KZ27FS12, LV32FS12, RMTV757A, RMY168, 141838611, K27FS12, K32FS12, K32V42, K36FS10, KP46V15, KP46V16, KP53V15, KP53V16, KP61V15, KU35542, KV205FV10, KV20F12, KV20FV10, KV20FV12, KV20SV10, KV21FV12, KV21FV12C, KV245V12, KV24F10, KV24FV10, KV24FV10, KV-24FV12, KV24FV12, KV24FV1O, KV24V12, KV25FV10, KV27F12, KV27F16, KV27F812, KV27FS12, KV27FS16, KV27FV10, KV27FV12, KV27FV15, KV27FV16, KV27S10, KV27S42, KV27S46, KV27S66, KV27SF12, KV27V10, KV27V4, KV27V42, KV27V66, KV29FV10, KV29RS10, KV29RS10C, KV29V10M, KV29V11C, KV2FV10, KV32542, KV32842, KV32F51B, KV32FS10, KV32FS10X2, KV32FS12, KV32FS12GRAY, KV32FS12V, KV32FS16, KV32FV12, KV32FV15, KV32FV16, KV32FV26, KV32S10, KV32S12, KV32S40, KV32S42, KV32S45, KV32S65, KV32S66, KV32SF10, KV32V32, KV32V40, KV32V42, KV24FV10, KV27FV15, KV27S42, KV27S46, KV27S66, KV27V42, KV27V66, KV32542, KV32FS10, KV32FV15, KV32S42, KV32S66, KV32V42, KV35S42, KV35S66, KV35V42, KV36FS10, KV36FV15 Please make sure that the remote will be compatible with your television model, contact me if you are unsure. We do not accept returns. We'll gladly combine shipping on multiple purchases. Click Here To Check Out Our Other Auctions! To view some of the items in my store move your mouse around inside the box below. FinestBrands Store International Buyers If you live outside of U.S. & Canada please contact me for an estimated shipping cost. I will respond to you as soon as possible. Return Policy All of our products are inspected before shipment and we will only provide a full refund or exchange in the event that we make a mistake (Example: wrong size or wrong item). When you purchase from us you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed in this auction page.