Sony RM-Y183 Remote ? KV-32HS20 & KV-36HS20 Flat Screen WEGA TV MANUAL ? TESTED

 7034711512004533980 Sony RM Y183 Remote ? KV 32HS20 & KV 36HS20 Flat Screen WEGA TV MANUAL ? TESTED

Stock images of Sony WEGA TVs are for reference only NO TV SETS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING Sony RM-Y183 Flat Screen FD Trinitron WEGA TV Remote Control to KV-32HS20 & KV-36HS20 It is Used Cosmetic appearance of the remote case is very good Lettering on case is clear and distinct. Battery Cover has been replaced with a plain gray one. Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included) Batteries are NOT included because USPS security objects to battery shipments, AND batteries are prone to unpredictably leak and corrode the circuit board, AND the increased postage due to the added battery weight exceeds the value of the batteries. Purchase of Sony RM-Y183 TV Remote includes a Free copy of the KV-32HS20 & KV-36HS20 FD Trinitron Flat Screen WEGA TV Manual in Adobe PDF on CD The 3 Sony TV Remotes shown on the black background are for comparison purposes only. ? ? The red dots emphasize the differences in the button configurations. ? ?Only One (1) Sony TV Remote is offered in this Listing. Makes a Great Gift! The Sony RM-Y195 Remote may work with other Sony equipment KV21FA310, KV27FS120, KV27FS210, KV27FS320, KV29FS120, KV32FS120, KV32FS320, KV34FS120, KV36FS120, KV36FS320, KV38FS120, KV36FS210 The Sony RM-Y182 Remote may work with the following Sony equipment: KV32F300, KV32FFV27, KV32FV17, KV32FV27, KV32FV300, KV32FX27, KV32KV27, KV32V300, KV36FS13, KV36FS17, KV36FV, KV36FV17, KV36FV27, KV36FV300, KV36V27, The Sony RM-Y183 Remote may work with the following Flat Screen Sony TV equipment: KV-32HS20 & KV-36HS20 The Sony RM-Y186 Remote may work with the following Hi-Scan Direct View Sony TV equipment: KV-32HS500 & KV-36GS500 If you are not certain of which Sony TV Remote that you need then pleasecontact Sony Support to properly identify the correct remote for your Sony TV. Payment is by PayPal at the time of purchase. Shipping is by USPS within the USA Ships from Atlanta, GA 30065 The Peach State Georgia grown peaches are recognized for their superior flavor, texture, appearance and nutritious qualities . Thank you for Looking andHappy eBaying! God Bless America!
 7034711512004533981 Sony RM Y183 Remote ? KV 32HS20 & KV 36HS20 Flat Screen WEGA TV MANUAL ? TESTED