Sony Trinitron TV/VCR Remote RMT-V161A for KV, CKV & others, QUALITY! BARGAIN!

 7021972010116069930 Sony Trinitron TV/VCR Remote RMT V161A for KV, CKV & others, QUALITY! BARGAIN!

*** Sony Brand Remote Control Model# RMT-V161A for Sony Trinitron Model#s KV20V50, KV20V60, KV27TS32, KV27V10, CKV20HX1, CKV27HX1 and others with the same Sony code. Plus, this remote will control Sony VCR Model# SLV-790HF and other VCRs with the same Sony code. Interestingly enough, it performs the basic range of TV controls on my new Sony XBR TVs, including TV/Video input control. This remote has always worked flawlessly and is in excellent condition. The lowest priced shipping possible is USPS Priority Mail Small Box and I will not make one penny off of it. It fits inside this box perfectly, so it's a great shipping deal for the buyer and not so good for the USPS. *** VCR Features: Sony remote control model# RMT-V161A with VCR Plus+ features. This remote came with "MY" 1996 Sony Video Cassette Recorder, M #SLV-790HF. This VCR was a very expensive, top tier model. Besides VCR Plus+ features, it includes a full dial for variable-speed REW/FF/PLAY, search, index search, frame by frame, tracking, counter etc etc etc...It even has some cool glow in the dark buttons (working perfectly). - No children, pets, smokers or grubby adults have EVER touched this remote! - No filthy hands from eating have touched this remote; I don't do this! - It hasn't had the buttons whipped on commercially or for sports and porn! - No leaking batteries have been inside this remote! - It has not been improperly cleaned with soap or water! - It's not from the typical eBay used electronics dealer's box of junk! - It's not from a sidewalk sale in Hooterville! *** HA HA, I got you *** As an engineer, these are the questions that would be important to me when buying a used remote. I'm kind to my electronics, as you can see in the photos (not even scuffed on the underside). Who knows where similar eBay remotes have come from????? YOU WON'T FIND A BETTER USED ONE! U.S. BIDDERS ONLY! SHIPPING TO U.S. ADDRESSES ONLY! I ONLY sell QUALITY items for BARGAIN prices with LOW shipping! You will receive honest, efficient service with "NO BS"! These ARE personal items, from a climate-controlled, smoke-free environment. They ARE NOT your typical moth-ridden, UV & water-damaged, rummage sale items! "ALL" of my proceeds are donated to local community outreach programs. 100% feedback - Bid with confidence. Thanks for Looking! *** PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER LISTINGS to find your hidden treasure.***
 7021972010116069931 Sony Trinitron TV/VCR Remote RMT V161A for KV, CKV & others, QUALITY! BARGAIN!